This is a picture of a tabebuia tree (sp. heterophylla) or the pink trumpet tree I bought for my mom on mother's day. They have replanted this tree in out nipa hut "resort" house in Jala-Jala. I am excited to see this tree grow and bloom flowers. (However, God causes all things to grow).

This is the foliage of the pink trumpet tree.
It's dark green, and shiny. Just beautiful.

I got a group of three leaves for collection. When this tree grows, I would have something that came from the plant when it's still young.

This is the foliage of the other tabebuia (chrysotricha) i bought. It's still a plant and probably about 6 months old.

In my research, I was bothered by the serrations that I contacted the African seller where I got it and told him he must have given me the wrong plant! (There are serrated varieties of Tabebuia, but I particularly wanted the chrysotricha species).

The seller told me that the serrations will disappear as the tree grows and assured me that this is indeed chrysotricha. I give up. If this tree grows up to be a different tree, I just hope it becomes beautiful as well.

I will update you on my tabebuia's progress.


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