I love flame trees!

Here's one I took along the roads of PICC (Philippine International Convention Center) early morning while I was jogging.
I actually got some seeds from a young tree (or so I thought), only to find out that it was the dwarf poinciana or Caesalpinia pulcherrima.

I tried to look for this tree in Manila Seedling Bank, a 4-foot sapling costs about Php 500.00. But i was informed that the roots tend to be invasive and can destroy concrete, so I would have to buy a bigger lot first so I could plant at least one of these.

Here's one taken from my medical school. I get to see this tree almost every day:
A shanghai beauty shrub grows underneath it. This is a young tree, I suppose.
A close-up picture of the fire flowers. This pictures won't do any justice. You have to see the tree in real life!


Autumn Belle said... @ July 21, 2009 at 6:36 AM

This looks like the flame of forest tree. The first picture is the most beautiful. It certainly looks like a red flame among the green foliage.

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